Web Design with Flo(W) - DAY 16 - Hosting

Web Design with Flo(W)

DAY 16 - Hosting

Let’s get you some hosting!

What is hosting?

In order for you to develop your website on WordPress and get it ready to launch, you first need to choose a hosting provider.

What the h*ll is hosting, I hear you asking?

Well, let’s put it simply.
Just like you pay rent for your appartment and the address is what tells people where you live, the hosting provider is a server where your website lives and the domain is taking users to the right address πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

WordPress-specific hosting provider

Do some research around your needs and which hosting provider would suit you best, but generally if you’re building a WordPress website, I’d advise you to go for a WordPress-specific hosting provider.

Personally, I like using SiteGround for all my websites.
You can sign up here:

Staging site

Tip: While you’re still working on your website, you don’t want anyone to accidentally stumble on it and see your work in progress. Make sure you first develop your website on a temporary staging domain (which you’ll get through the hosting provider) and migrate it to the live domain once you’re done – I’ll let you know when!

Are you stuck or do you want someone do it all for you?
Get in touch!

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