Web Design with Flo(W) - DAY 15 - Designing your website

Web Design with Flo(W)

DAY 15 - Designing your website

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, today you’re going to define the visual aspects of your website.

Define your basic tool kit

Have a look back at the mood board you created for the art direction step. You’re now going to select specific items that are going to make up your basic tool kit.ย 

Define every aspect that is going to be relevant moving forward: fonts, colour palette, type of visuals,…

Design your hero section

Next, start designing the hero section of your homepage.

Tip: Spend some time trying out different design options as this is going to define the visual direction for your whole website.

Design the remaining pages

Once you’re happy with the hero section, you can start designing the other pages using the same visual direction.

Don’t forget to consider what your website will look like on other screen sizes!

Tip 2: When designing your website, make sure the focus is on what is most important. Remember you can use scale, colour, position and motion to create hierarchy in your design.

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