Web Design with Flo(W) - DAY 14 - Design skills: visuals

Web Design with Flo(W)

DAY 14 - Design skills: visuals

Today you’re going to select your visuals. 

The role of visuals in design

First you need to know that visuals have different roles in design. They can help clarify information, educate your audience, evoke a feeling or just decorate.

The role of visuals

Principles for choosing visuals

How do you choose your visuals?
Again, there are some principles you should keep in mind:

  • be clear on the role of the visual
  • ensure high quality of the visual
  • maintain a consistent environment (lighting, shadows,…) throughout the project
  • ensure readability when combining with text
  • make sure visuals follow colour fundamentals
  • visuals should be an easily explainable idea
  • avoid clichés

Tip: Before you upload them onto your website, make sure you optimise your visuals for the web (file size, quality, file type,…)!

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