Web Design with Flo(W) - DAY 13 - Design skills: colour

Web Design with Flo(W)

DAY 13 - Design skills: colour

Time to add some colours!

Principles for picking colours

When picking your colours, there are some principles that you should keep in mind:

  • Does it communicate the right message? (colour psychology)
  • Does it help create the right hierarchy?
  • Do the colours work together?
  • Are these colours brandable?

Picking your colour palette

Step 1: Main colour

Choose your main colour.

Step 2: Create your palette

Types of colour palettes:

  • monochromatic (same hue)
  • analogous (pick hue next to main hue)
  • complementary (contrasting hue)
  • triadic (3 colours that are at the same distance from each other on the colour wheel)

How do you know which type of colour palette is right for you?

  • Are your needs complex?
  • Do you need to express happiness or diversity?
  • How comfortable are you with colour?

Step 3: Add-ons

Define your palette add-ons:

  • light/dark swatches
  • greyscales

Step 4: 60/30/10-rule

Balance out your colours by using one of them for about 60% of your design, the another one for 30% and the last one for 10%.

Picking colours: checklist

When you’re done, just make sure of these few things:

1. Does this colour palette tell the right story?
2. Does it help to clarify hierarchies?
3. Is there enough contrast? Is it accessible (think colour blind)?
4. Am I consistent in how I use colour?

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